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About Us

Changshu changhua smart manufacturing technology co.,ltd

The company’s entire value comes from knowledge, capital, and the labor of high-quality employees. Based on factors such as contribution, ability, responsibility, and work attitude, value is allocated based on objectivity, fairness, and sustainable development principles.
Priority is given to the interests of customers, and satisfying customer interests is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of our common interests. We maintain a balance of interests of all parties so that the interests of enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, partners, and society can be satisfied to the greatest extent.
Excellent companies will cultivate and attract excellent employees, and excellent employees will make the company develop even better. We strive to create conditions for outstanding talents to stand out. Principles of employment: Pay equal attention to political integrity and talent, and employ people based on their strengths.

Our Company

Changshu Changhua Zhizao Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, which is the cradle of the apparel industry in China. Our factory has highly experienced technicians who are skilled in R&D, production, and after-sales service. Additionally, we have a robust production capacity and we adopt international advanced technology to ensure the quality of our Tiangong Tiger brand series of computerized flat knitting machines. These machines are highly stable and have a high level of automation. We believe in surviving with quality, pioneering and promoting development with our reputation. Our goal is to modernize the knitted garments industry and create the best brand of knitting machine in China

Our Warehouse

Changshu Changhua Zhizao Technology Co, Ltd. has a reliable infrastructure and storage facilities, creating a great sales network across China, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Europe, and many other regions. The company’s marketing personnel understand the market heights, dealers, agents, manufacturers, and end-users to develop knitting machinery products that meet customer demands. They encourage benign interaction and complementary advantages of economic communities to create a more smooth, dense, and mature supply and marketing network that ensures steady development. The company follows the principle of price, quality, and service to prioritize customers and eliminate any threats from the competition.